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(DriftKing 2D & 3D - v0.200.2) - [Public Beta]

DriftKing 2D features:

  • Endless Mode
  • Target Gallery Mode! v2 
  • 6 biomes to explore. 
  • 6 Cars to collect. (more cars coming soon!)
  • 50 colors to unlock to change the color of your cars.
  • Additional missions to play during Endless mode.
  • Real-time Clock (21:00 PM Local Time = 21:00 PM In-Game Time)

DriftKing 3D features:

  • 3D Hub world (Menu) Work in progress! -Beta
  • Racetrack Concept 1
  • + little Easteregg
  • (Work in progress!)

2D & 3D Shared features:

  • Achievements
  • Collect new music. (Included with 2D biomes)
  • Play with Keyboard, Mouse, Controller or by using Touch!
  • Free updates. (Paid DLC will never happen!) Future updates include: New and updated biomes, New vehicles, New missions, New Music, New game modes, Secrets, Optimization and bug fixes!, & more! -Feedback is always very welcome & will directly impact development.-

- (Local) Splitscreen 2D &3D multiplayer coming in the next Feature Update.

- Both the 2D & 3D modes will be expanded upon.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

DK2D x32bit - Windows - July 2019 - v0.170.0) 89 MB
DK2D & DK3D x32bit - Windows - June 2020 v0.200.2 158 MB

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Are there turns in the game? I think it might be bugged.

[Mr Krab] why why MONEY NO MONEY but i need this i cant free

It's been a while indeed!
Still planning to fix everything, It's become such a mess.
I don't recommend people buying or playing it as it currently is,
But if you want, you can always ask for a free key :)


Hey, It's been awhile but I appear to be having the same issue as the other 2 with the EXE crashing immediately.

(1 edit) (+1)

The .EXE keeps closing itself within a few seconds after launch. And yes, I already tried running the included DirectX setup (which refused to install itself due to a newer version already being installed). So I can't play the game on my Windows 10 Home.

(2 edits) (+1)

This is a new bug for me, I will update this itch.io version in the coming week (which includes a new 3D mode as well)
Edit: DK2D has been Updated! (Unfortunately, it did not solve the bug)
And a quick question: Do you have "Steam" installed?
Thanks for the report!


Oops, I missed that question all this time. Yeah, I have Steam, although it may not have necessarily been running at the time; I don't remember.

Same problem here, 3 months later.

Sad to hear that, May i ask what windows version you use & if steam is installed or not?
You and KeronCyst are the only 2 reports I've gotten about this bug so far so i think it's only in this itch.io version.

Case not yet dismissed.


Windows 10, Steam installed

Still in development! (Forever*..)
Getting a brand new 3D Mode "Soon" (When it's finished, and After Steam).

*Development will only ever really end when the software breaks.
Powered by Construct 2.
I might pause for a year or two when it's done, then randomly add another car, level or whatever comes to mind.
-feel free to share some feedback! this really helps every developer.